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Hare Kanch Ki Chooriyan (1967)

  • Release Date1967
  • GenreDrama
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Length4403.75 meters
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-50606-MUM
  • Certificate Date19/04/1967

Some boys from the city, who had gone to Bombay for further studies were returning home for annual vacations. A wealthy Contractor, Amarchand Mehra’s son Ravi, was one of these boys. Ravi’s sister Manju had gone to pick up Ravi and his friends, Bipin Bose, Jimmy, Tripathi, Naidu, Desai, and Daljit Singh, from the station. Ravi was dropping his friends to their homes in his car and when they reached Bipin’s house, Bipin’s neighbor Mohini and Ravi met for the first time. For Ravi, it was love at first sight. However, Ravi could not grasp that his friend Bipin already liked her.

At the picnic, Mohini and Ravi met again and this time they really clicked. They started meeting at the Moti Mahal which was situated outside the city. Like a good friend, Bipin heartily stepped out of the way of the two lovers.

Amarchand’s junior partner Malhotra had a younger sister, Pushpa, who already had her eyes on Ravi. She tried many ways to woo Ravi but Ravi already belonged to Mohini. Ravi promised to return immediately after his exams and went away to Bombay with his friends. Ravi had said that after three months he will return to Bombay with green glass bangles and a wedding band on a white horse and will marry Mohini and take her home.

Mohini spent her days and nights, lost in the thoughts of Ravi and she started seeing green glass bangles flash in front of her eyes. But at the same time, a storm, like no other upturned Mohini’s world completely. Upon receiving the news from Dr. Dixit that Mohini was pregnant, her mother passed away instantly. Ravi’s father infused to make Mohini his daughter-in-law and faked a heart problem to take Ravi to America. In America, Amarchand admitted Ravi to an engineering college.

Mohini was removed from college and her neighbors and others started abusing her and calling her names. Wherever Mohini would go, people would bad-mouth her. Mohini, with a stone on her heart, accepted all the insults but did not reveal the name of the father of her child. Ravi wrote a lot of letters to Mohini, but without reading them she would burn them off. According to her, Ravi had cheated her.

When Bipin suggested that he and Mohini get married, Mohini refused and said, “You can only love once, and I have already loved.”

She gave birth to a beautiful child. Slowly, due to her strong will and sweet nature, despite being insulted, became loved in not only her neighborhood but the entire city.

Three years passed and Ravi returned. Upon returning, his evil father filled his ears that Mohini, around 6 months ago, had given birth to a bastard child and that the whole city knows the child belongs to Bipin, who is now a doctor. Upon hearing this, the distance between Ravi and Mohini became wider and according to his father’s wish, Ravi and Pushpa’s wedding got fixed. The wedding procession was moving forward energetically and passed from Mohini’s front yard. Mohini’s 3-year-old son, Ajay, watched his own father’s wedding ceremony from the front yard and showered flowers on the groom. Suddenly, with the loud sounds, the horse panicked and the little boy fell down. Amidst the commotion, Ravi picked up the boy and Amarchand wanted to desperately move the procession ahead. However, Ravi had lost his senses. He declared, “The procession has reached the venue of the wedding!” and leapt towards Mohini, who was standing in front of him. She forgot all her sorrows and embraced her long lost lover. The band started playing and the wedding party lit up with happiness.

Parents enroll kids together in school which is a good thing, they do not educate them about sex, because of which promising students ruin their future. In such a situation, even the doctor is not of any help. “Abortion is a punishable offense” is what he will say and get out of the situation. This story presents a sensitive topic. This story of a young woman’s undying love and her belief in herself is unforgettable. Watch this film, without fail, with your family and friends.

[translated from the official press booklet]