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Maha Chor (1976)

  • LanguageHindi

Raju, a petty thief, with a heart of gold, is always in and out of prison since he robs the rich of their ill-begotten money to feed the poor inhabitants of his Basti. He is loved by one and all to the extent that Muslims call him Khan and Hindus Raju as no one knows his true parentage since he was found on a footpath.

One day he meets Prem-who indulges in smuggling activities and has now an eye on the Kingdom of Raigarh. An opportunity comes his way when he meets Raju who is in the likeness of the lost heir to the throne. Raju lets himself to be turned in-to impersonating the Prince for the benefit of the poor people of the Basti, little knowing that he will become a part of the Palace intrigues and murder.

Raju, who had met a rich girl Neetu earlier, realises that she was a princess by birth and betroth of the lost prince. She finds her in love in Raju. Like her, Ranima also believes that she has found out her long lost son, she did not know that her son was incarcerated in a dungeon by a woman who once hoped to become the queen one day, by eliminating Ranima.

"Maha Chor" is a drama which has myriad faces and will answer if Ranima not her real son? Did Raju succeed in foiling the Palace intrigues and what finally happened to Princess Neetu divided between the real Prince and Raju Khan to whom she has lost her heart?

"Maha Chor" will have you all through laughter, tears and real suspense?

(From the official press booklets)